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September-October 1981
Pages 34-35

by Howard D. Abshire
Rt 1, Box 470
Boone Mill, Va.

The Lodowick or Luke Absher (Abshire) family was the first white settlers in 
this region which in those days was called Bedford County, Virginia.  Named 
after the Duke of Bedford this area where the early Abshire's settled is 
located on the rolling meadows south of Windy Gap Mountain.  From the native 
forest they built small log cabins, which usually were one story, although 
some were two stories high.  The window, which let in some sunlight, was 
made of greased animal skins.  The door usually faced south and the chimney 
to the north.  The door facing and the sills were usually marked by notching 
the shadows of the sun.  This was their timepiece.  All cooking was done on 
the open hearth fireplace.  These pioneer homes were usually located two or 
three hundred feet from a fresh water spring.

This area is located approximately five miles north of Boones Mill, 
Virginia, on State Route 684.  Today this area is known as Shannon Forest 
Subdivision.  It included both sides of Route 116, which is shown on early 
maps and charts as the north fork of Gills Creek.  This area was to become 
Franklin County, Virginia, on November 8, 1786.  Peter Abshire owned the 
portion of land which is now owned by Pete Perdue.  These early settlers 
migrated westward up the James River to places that are known today as 
Buchanan and Eagle Rock; from there to a location called Big Lick, which was 
on the Sepony River which is known today as the City of Roanoke and Roanoke 
River.  They traveled to a ford in Southeast Roanoke to a place called 
Buzzard Rock Ford where they crossed the Sepony or Roanoke River, and 
traveled to a gap or pass in the mountain called Windy Gap southward on to 
Franklin County.  This place is the present highway 116 and is known today 
as the Jubal Anderson Early Highway.

In the Virginia State Archives of 1773 it is recorded where Lodowick or Luke 
Ashur (Abshire) obtained a land grant from King George III of England when 
Dunmore was the governor of Williamsburg.  This boundary had its beginning 
on the north fork of Gills Creek including the lands on both sides of 
Maggodee Creek to Cahase Mountain west of Boones Mill.  Some of the early 
Indian names of this area were the Illinois, Iroquois, Delaware, Cherokee, 
Occanneechi, Totera, Mingo and Sapony.  Two of their leaders were Chief 
Cornstalk and Chief Cahase.  The early trails were established because of 
the terrain, by buffalo trails, migration and Indian war parties raiding the 
early settlers in the East and South.  IN the early years, portions of State 
Route 684 were known as the Old Liberty Floyd Trail or Turnpike.  Floyd has 
kept their burial spots secret from the Indians because they did not want 
the Indians to know how many died from disease, accident and exposure. This 
is thought to be the reason why many of our early ancestor's burial location 
is unknown.  It was rumored that Lodowick was killed by Indians.

Thomas Abshire, a descendant of Lodowick, granted a parcel of land on 
Maggodee Creek to Peter and Jacob Boone.  These early settlers migrated from 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  They, being skilled woodworkers or millwrights, 
carved out of the native timber the machinery to establish Boone Mill's 
first grist mill.  Wild cherry and other suitable wood was used for this 
purpose.  This mill was located on Maggodee Creek where Ruff's Antique Shop 
is today on U.S. Route 220.

George Wright, Sr., was the first postmaster of Boones Mill.  He rode 
horseback carrying the mail east and west of the village.  The first post 
office was located approximately one mile down Maggodee Creek from todays 
post office.  The small log building was built by George Wright, Sr., at an 
area known in those days as the Devil's Steps.  This was across the creek 
from this early post office.  The home of William B. Poff, Jr., is located 
today approximately where this building was.  George Wright, Sr., is buried 
on a hill a short distance from this location.  Portions of this information 
were obtained some time ago from George Wright, who is now 90 years old, and 
in a nursing home.  He is the son of Charles Wright, who was the son of Otey 
Wright.  His mother was Fannie Meadow.  She was the daughter of Joseph 
Meadow and Fannie Abshire Meadow, who was the sister of my great 
grandfather, Giles WIlliam Burwell Abshire (a Civil War veteran).  Today 
Shannon Forest Subdivision is located on the old Meadows farm.

The oldest house in Boones Mill is the old Jabez Abshire house, which is 
centrally located in the small village.  It is a log body structure with the 
rafters mortised and pinned and is now covered with huge poplar siding.  It 
is said to have been built by Peter and Jacob Boone.  Extra living space has 
been added to this large (by standards of that day) two story log house.  It 
is located where four hollows come together where early Floyd Liberty and 
Carolina Trails crossed.  It also served in early days as a place where 
slaves were sold at auction and later as a stage coach stop.  This stage 
line traveled the old Carolina Trail, which included large portions of U.S. 
Route 220.  Today it is the home of Bessie Hodge Abshire, who is in her 80s, 
and who is the widow of Henry Thomas Abshire.

Peter Boone later migrated westward.  It was common practice in the early 
days for our early ancestors to go on what was known as long hunting 
parties.  They traveled in small groups over many miles.  This was done in 
order not to arouse hostility of the native Indians.  This usually took 
place from late ate fall to early spring.  Jacob Boone later built another 
log house north of his mill at a rock on the east bank of Maggodee Creek.  
It is said he could not see around the bluff from his first house to the 
mill.  This house has been remodelled and is the present home of John 
Hatcher Ferguson, Sr.  Jacob Boone lost his leg in an accident at his mill.  
He died sometime later and is believed to be buried at a community 
graveyard, which was referred to as the old Hardy Graveyard when I was a 
boy.  This graveyard is located on the east side of the ridge behind 
Continental Homes in Boones Mill, Va.  Many of our early ancestors were 
buried there and I have hunted rabbit in this area many times in my youth.  
Most all graves were unmarked and at one time this graveyard covered several 

Boones Mill today is a lazy little town with much history.  To describe it 
best, it is a small town in Virginia where many of our early settlers of the 
midwest, west coast, Louisiana, Florida, and every state in the union 
started their migration.


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                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

1. Peter ABSHIRE b. Abt 1700/1710, ,,poss. VA, m. Eve _____, b. Abt 1700/1710,
,,poss. VA.  Peter died Abt 1761, ,Augusta,VA.  Augusta Co., VA - Inventory
dated 10 Aug 1761.
+   2.     i Luke ABSHIRE b. Abt 1730/1735.

                               Second Generation        

2. Luke ABSHIRE b. Abt 1730/1735, ,,poss. VA, m. (1) Christina MAGGOTY, b. Abt
1745/1750, ,,poss. VA, d. Abt 1840/1841, m. (2) <Unknown> _____.  Luke died
1822, ,Franklin,VA.  1782 through 1785, resided Bedford Co., VA. From 1786
resided in Franklin Co., VA. 1810 Franklin Co., VA census. 1820 Franklin Co.,
VA census, page 132A. Who were the James and John ABSHIRE who are listed as
delinquents on the 1796 Tax List of Madison County, KY, and as having removed
to Green County?
             Children by Christina MAGGOTY:
+   3.     i Edward ABSHIRE b. Abt 1767/1768.
    4.    ii Isaac ABSHIRE b. 1770, ,,VA, d. Aft 1850, ,Franklin,VA.
+   5.   iii John ABSHIRE b. Abt 1770/1775.
    6.    iv Mary ABSHIRE b. Abt 1772, ,,VA.
+   7.     v Jacob ABSHIRE b. Abt 1774.
+   8.    vi Elizabeth ABSHIRE b. Abt 1775.
+   9.   vii Nancy ABSHIRE b. Abt 1777.
   10.  viii Susanna ABSHIRE b. Abt 1780/1785, ,,VA, m. 1 Jan 1810, John
             FERGUSON.  Susanna died 1861.  "Sukey"
+  11.    ix Catharine ABSHIRE b. 13 Mar 1791.
             Children by <Unknown> _____:
+  12.     x Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1755/1760.
   13.    xi William ABSHIRE b. Abt 1757, ,,VA, d. Abt 1837, ,Botetourt,VA.
             Will probated 4 Dec 1837, names no wife or children.
+  14.   xii Peter ABSHIRE b. 1765.

                               Third Generation        

3. Edward ABSHIRE b. Abt 1767/1768, ,,VA, m. 17 Nov 1790, in ,Franklin,VA,
Dinah SHORT.  Edward died Abt 1818/1822.
   15.     i Luke ABSHIRE.
   16.    ii Fannie ABSHIRE.
   17.   iii Nancy ABSHIRE.
   18.    iv Polly ABSHIRE.
   19.     v Ansolem ABSHIRE.
   20.    vi Sally ABSHIRE.
   21.   vii Abraham ABSHIRE b. 1800, m. 1827, Hannah NAFE.  Abraham died 1892.

5. John ABSHIRE b. Abt 1770/1775, ,,VA, m. 21 Sep 1796, in ,Franklin,VA,
Elizabeth BINNION, b. Abt 1770/1775, ,,prob. VA, (daughter of Martin BINNION).
John died Abt 1820/1822, ,Lee,VA.  1820 Lee Co., VA census, page 126.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

   22.     i Edward ABSHIRE b. ,,VA.  "Edward or Edmond?"
+  23.    ii Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1799.
+  24.   iii William ABSHIRE.

7. Jacob ABSHIRE b. Abt 1774, ,,VA, m. Susannah Boone NOFTSINGER.
   25.     i Randolph ABSHIRE m. 28 Sep 1840, Mary A. ANGEL, (daughter of
             William ANGEL).
   26.    ii Allie Ann ABSHIRE.
   27.   iii John ABSHIRE.

8. Elizabeth ABSHIRE b. Abt 1775, ,,VA, m. 8 Feb 1800, John D. WRIGHT.
   28.     i Mary WRIGHT.
   29.    ii Nancy WRIGHT.
   30.   iii Skelton WRIGHT.
   31.    iv Wright WRIGHT.
   32.     v Mathew WRIGHT.
   33.    vi John B. WRIGHT.
   34.   vii Ona WRIGHT.
   35.  viii Asa WRIGHT.
   36.    ix Rhoda WRIGHT.
   37.     x William N. WRIGHT.
   38.    xi James WRIGHT.
   39.   xii Lewis WRIGHT.
   40.  xiii Otey WRIGHT.

9. Nancy ABSHIRE b. Abt 1777, ,,VA, m. 10 Feb 1795, Philemon SMITH.  Nancy died
Bef 1837.
   41.     i son SMITH.
   42.    ii Millie SMITH m. Armistead BURGESS.

11. Catharine ABSHIRE b. 13 Mar 1791, ,,VA, m. 4 Oct 1813, John SHOWALTER, b.
1783, d. 1851.  Catharine died 20 Nov 1849.
   43.     i Mahala SHOWALTER.
   44.    ii Charlotte SHOWALTER.
   45.   iii Randolph SHOWALTER.
   46.    iv Sallie SHOWALTER.
   47.     v Teglithia SHOWALTER.
   48.    vi Cornelius SHOWALTER b. 1825.

12. Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1755/1760, ,,VA, m. (1) <Unknown> _____, d. Bef
1801, m. (2) 14 Jan 1801, in ,Franklin,VA, Susannah VINSON.  Abraham died 28
Jul 1842, ,Franklin,VA.  Pensioned veteran of the American Revolution - Pension
             Children by <Unknown> _____:
+  49.     i James ABSHIRE b. 1777.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

   50.    ii Jenny ABSHIRE b. Abt 1780, m. (1) 16 Apr 1802, Samuel HUSTON, m.
             (2) 9 Nov 1805, Christian KINGERY.  "Jane ?"
+  51.   iii Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1782.
   52.    iv Elizabeth ABSHIRE b. 1782, m. 29 Feb 1796, in ,Franklin,VA,
             William MILLS.
+  53.     v Catherine ABSHIRE b. Abt 1785.
   54.    vi Susannah ABSHIRE b. 1789, m. 3 Oct 1808, in ,Franklin,VA, Enoch
             WRIGHT, b. Abt 1785, ,Bedford,VA, d. Aft 1870, Visalia,Tulare,CA.
             Susannah died 29 Sep 1846.
+  55.   vii Isaac ABSHIRE b. 1792.
             Children by Susannah VINSON:
   56.  viii George W. ABSHIRE m. 11 Jan 1836, in ,Franklin,VA, Lucinda ANGEL.
+  57.    ix Thomas J. ABSHIRE b. 16 Dec 1814.
   58.     x Miriam ABSHIRE.

14. Peter ABSHIRE b. 1765, ,,VA, m. 19 Aug 1787, in ,Franklin,VA, Ellender
DORAN, (daughter of Harthum DORAN and Mary _____). Peter died 1853,
,Franklin,VA.  Will probated 4 Jul 1853.
   59.     i Polly ABSHIRE.
   60.    ii Rhoda ABSHIRE.
   61.   iii Millie ABSHIRE.
   62.    iv Ambrose ABSHIRE m. 17 Jan 1827, in ,Franklin,VA, Charlotte WRIGHT.
   63.     v John ABSHIRE.
   64.    vi Andrew ABSHIRE m. 25 May 1819, in ,Franklin,VA, Calley PAYNE.
   65.   vii Allen ABSHIRE.

                               Fourth Generation        

23. Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1799, ,,VA, m. Rebecca HUGHES, b. Abt 1800, ,,VA,
(daughter of Isaac HUGHES) d. 1857, ,,KS, bur: ,,KS.  Abraham died Abt 1875,
,,VA.  1830 Lee Co., VA census, page 291. 1850 Lee Co., VA census, Dist. 31,
page 349. 1860 Brown Co., KS census, Claytonville TWP, Hsld. 321. 1870 Brown
Co., KS census, Claytonville TWP, Hsld. 161. Family tradition stated that
Abraham left Brown Co., KS, aft 1870 for VA.
   66.     i John ABSHIRE b. Abt 1824, ,,VA.  1870 Brown Co., KS census,
             Claytonville TWP.
   67.    ii Isaac ABSHIRE b. Abt 1826, ,,VA, d. 1900.  May have resided Owsley
             Co., KY, from before 1870 till after 1880, and then in
                Robinson TWP, Brown Co., KS, by 1885 as one Isaac ABSHIRE and
             family appear
                in the 1870 and 1880 Owsley Co, KY census, and the 1885 Brown
             Co., KS state
                 census. If these two Isaac ABSHIREs happen to prove to be the
             same, then the reported death dates of 1899 and 1900 need be
             resolved respectively.  CrB Check this out!
   68.   iii Mary ABSHIRE b. Abt 1828, ,,VA.
   69.    iv Catharine ABSHIRE b. Abt 1829, ,,VA.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

+  70.     v Elizabeth ABSHIRE b. Abt 1832.
   71.    vi Louisda ABSHIRE b. Abt 1834, ,,VA.
+  72.   vii Amelia Christina ABSHIRE b. 18 Aug 1836.
+  73.  viii Lucinda ABSHIRE b. Abt 1838.
   74.    ix Alexander L. ABSHIRE b. Abt 1840, ,,VA.  May have been twin of
             Zachry T. ABSHIRE. Served Co. H 13th Kansas Volunteers during the
             Civil War. 1870 Brown Co., KS census, Claytonville TWP.
   75.     x Zachry T. ABSHIRE b. Abt 1840, ,,VA.  May have been twin of
             Alexander L. ABSHIRE.
   76.    xi Mary Y. ABSHIRE b. Apr 1850, ,Lee,VA.

24. William ABSHIRE b. ,,VA, m. Sarah _____.
+  77.     i James ABSHIRE b. Abt 1825.

49. James ABSHIRE b. 1777, m. 6 Mar 1804, in ,Franklin,VA, Elizabeth OVERHOLTS.
 James died 1868.  Lived in Somers TWP, Preble Co., OH; then in 1821, to
Randolph Co., IN.
   78.     i Aaron ABSHIRE.
   79.    ii Nancy ABSHIRE.
   80.   iii Mary ABSHIRE.
   81.    iv Cloe ABSHIRE.
   82.     v Isaac ABSHIRE.
   83.    vi Abner ABSHIRE.
   84.   vii Elizabeth ABSHIRE.
   85.  viii James B. ABSHIRE.

51. Abraham ABSHIRE b. Abt 1782, ,,VA, m. 3 Feb 1814, in ,Franklin,VA, Phoebe
WRIGHT, b. Abt 1787.  1850 Franklin Co., VA census.
   86.     i Mary ABSHIRE m. Peter FISHER.  "Polly".
+  87.    ii James Luke ABSHIRE.
   88.   iii John ABSHIRE.
   89.    iv Jacob ABSHIRE m. Pharaby TEEL.
   90.     v Susan ABSHIRE.
   91.    vi Permalia ABSHIRE m. Tarpley MITCHELL.
   92.   vii Eleanor ABSHIRE m. John WRAY.

53. Catherine ABSHIRE b. Abt 1785, m. (1) 24 Dec 1806, in ,Franklin,VA, Peter
KINGERY, m. (2) 3 Feb 1835, in ,Franklin,VA, Joseph MCEVETT.  "Caty"
             Children by Peter KINGERY:
   93.     i Betsy KINGERY.

55. Isaac ABSHIRE b. 1792, m. (1) 3 Apr 1809, Joanna WRIGHT, m. (2) Bef 1824,
Mary _____, b. 1791, d. 1864.  Isaac died 26 Jul 1866.  Lived in Preble Co.,
OH; then Elkhart Co., IN; served in the War of 1812.
             Children by Mary _____:
   94.     i Hiram ABSHIRE b. 6 Aug 1829, ,Preble,OH, m. 1854, in ,,CA,


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

             Margaret ALFORD.

57. Thomas J. ABSHIRE b. 16 Dec 1814, m. 1845, Eliza FRANCE.  Thomas died 1880.
 After 1845, lived in Elkhart Co., IN; then in 1856, to KS. 1860 Jackson Co.,
KS census, Franklin TWP, p 113.
   95.     i Mary Jane ABSHIRE.
   96.    ii Clementine ABSHIRE.
   97.   iii Florence ABSHIRE.

                               Fifth Generation        

70. Elizabeth ABSHIRE b. Abt 1832, ,,VA, m. 16 Oct 1855, in ,Andrew,MO, Robert
A. LEWIS.  1870 Brown Co., KS census, Claytonville TWP.
   98.     i Samuel E. LEWIS b. Abt 1857, ,,MO.
   99.    ii Rebecca E. LEWIS b. Abt 1859, ,,VA.
  100.   iii John A. LEWIS b. Abt 1862, ,,VA.
  101.    iv Milla S. LEWIS b. Abt 1864, ,,VA.

72. Amelia Christina ABSHIRE b. 18 Aug 1836, ,,VA, m. 15 Jun 1856, in
,Andrew,MO, John Henry MAXWELL, b. 17 Feb 1826, ,Mason,(W.) VA, (son of Thomas
Patrick MAXWELL and Frances WHITTEN) d. 1 Nov 1894, ,Brown,KS, bur:
Robinson,Brown,KS.  Amelia died 6 Aug 1898, ,Brown,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.
  102.     i Jonathan S. MAXWELL b. 17 Mar 1857, ,Brown,KS, m. 1 Oct 1882, in
             ,Brown,KS, Emma C. RENNEKER, b. ,,MO.  Jonathan died 30 Nov 1922,
  103.    ii Sarah Margaret MAXWELL b. 10 Oct 1859, ,Brown,KS, d. 18 Apr 1877,
             ,Brown,KS, bur: ,Brown,KS.
+ 104.   iii Lucy Ann MAXWELL b. 5 May 1862.
  105.    iv Thomas K. MAXWELL b. 14 Feb 1864, ,Andrew,MO, m. 24 Jul 1887, in
             ,Brown,KS, Hattie S. TUCKER, b. 1864, d. 1945.  Thomas died 31 Jan
             1953, Topeka,Shawnee,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.
  106.     v Alexander MAXWELL b. 17 Feb 1866, ,Andrew,MO, m. 20 Aug 1889, in
             Hiawatha,Brown,KS, Rosa ANDERSON.
  107.    vi Jesse Patrick MAXWELL b. 18 Oct 1869, ,Andrew,MO, m. 24 Dec 1890,
             in ,Brown,KS, Myrtle O. TRENT.  Jesse died 11 Mar 1934.
+ 108.   vii Mary Elizabeth MAXWELL b. 2 Jun 1872.

73. Lucinda ABSHIRE b. Abt 1838, ,,VA, m. 24 Mar 1859, Isaac MARTINDALE.
  109.     i Alice MARTINDALE m. _____ GLOVER.

77. James ABSHIRE b. Abt 1825, d. 31 Jul 1892, ,Lee,VA.  Lee Co., VA Death
  110.     i Zachariah ABSHIRE b. Abt 1848, d. 5 Sep 1867, ,Wise,VA.  Lee Co.,
             VA Death Records state that he was accidentally shot to death.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

87. James Luke ABSHIRE m. Elizabeth TEEL.
  111.     i Louisa Frances ABSHIRE.
  112.    ii John William ABSHIRE.
  113.   iii James A. ABSHIRE.
  114.    iv Demoss T. ABSHIRE.
+ 115.     v Achilles S. ABSHIRE.
+ 116.    vi Charles Thomas ABSHIRE.
  117.   vii Nick B. ABSHIRE.
  118.  viii Alice ABSHIRE.
+ 119.    ix Georgia A. ABSHIRE.
  120.     x Bobbie A. ABSHIRE.

                               Sixth Generation        

104. Lucy Ann MAXWELL b. 5 May 1862, ,Brown,KS, m. 21 Mar 1883, Jacob B.
GABBARD, b. 21 Dec 1855, ,,KY, (son of George W. GABBARD and Eliza WILLIAMS) d.
20 Mar 1935, Fairview,Brown,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.  Lucy died 20 Jan 1939,
,Brown,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.  Buried Rose Hill Cemetery.
  121.     i Alice Mode GABBARD b. 16 Jan 1884, ,Brown,KS, m. 20 Mar 1907, in
             Hiawatha,Brown,KS, William Oscar SNYDER, b. 22 May 1871,
             Robinson,Brown,KS, d. 8 Feb 1947, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.  Alice
             died 4 Sep 1959, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.  Buried Rose Hill
  122.    ii Charles Leland GABBARD b. 11 Sep 1886, ,Brown,KS, m. Dora Grace
             DILLAPLAIN, b. 10 Apr 1894, Padonia,Brown,KS, (daughter of James
             DILLAPLAIN and Ella CUNNINGHAM) d. 20 Apr 1978,
             Marysville,Marshall,KS, bur: Marysville,Marshall,KS.  Charles died
             23 Aug 1954, Marysville,Marshall,KS, bur: Marysville,Marshall,KS.
             Buried Marysville Cemetery.
  123.   iii Hattie Olathe GABBARD b. 16 Dec 1890, ,Brown,KS, m. (1) Louis
             Austin CYPHERS, b. 8 Sep 1885, (son of Stephen A. Douglas CYPHERS
             and Lena Alice FANNING) d. 16 May 1936, bur: Hiawatha,Brown,KS, m.
             (2) Dell Bert LIGGATT, b. 14 Feb 1886, d. 3 Mar 1967.  Hattie died
             26 Feb 1967, bur: Hiawatha,Brown,KS.  Buried Mount Hope Cemetery.
  124.    iv Sidney Lawrence GABBARD b. 28 Sep 1894, ,Brown,KS, m. Edith Fern
             LYMAN, b. 8 Apr 1901, Fairview,Brown,KS, (daughter of William
             Richard LYMAN and Laura B. CASH). Sidney died 15 Sep 1952,
             Downey,Los Angeles,CA, bur: Downey,Los Angeles,CA.  Buried Downey

108. Mary Elizabeth MAXWELL b. 2 Jun 1872, Robinson,Brown,KS, m. 28 Dec 1892,
in Robinson,Brown,KS, Alexander Houston MCKEE, b. 7 Sep 1865, ,Cedar,IA, (son
of Alexander Huston MCKEE and Sybilla Louisa WHISLER) d. 21 Mar 1943,
Horton,Brown,KS, bur: 23 Mar 1943, Robinson,Brown,KS.  Mary died Jun 1928,
Robinson,Brown,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.  Buried Rose Hill Cemetery.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

  125.     i Jessie Ione MCKEE b. Nov 1894, Robinson,Brown,KS, m. 24 Dec 1910,
             Albert SODEN.  Jessie died Robinson,Brown,KS, bur:
  126.    ii Lillie Amelia MCKEE b. May 1896, Robinson,Brown,KS, m. in
             ,Mercer,KS, Joseph BURKART.  Lillie died Huntington Park,Los
  127.   iii Golda Security MCKEE b. 28 Apr 1898, Robinson,Brown,KS, m. in
             Hiawatha,Brown,KS, Denver BUSSELL.  Golda died 30 Nov 1980,
             Hiawatha,Brown,KS, bur: Robinson,Brown,KS.
  128.    iv Lawrence M. MCKEE b. 29 May 1901, Robinson,Brown,KS, m. 23 Feb
             1929, in Atchison,Atchison,KS, Blanche GLENN.  Lawrence died 26
             Sep 1971, Horton,Brown,KS, bur: 29 Sep 1971, Robinson,Brown,KS.
             "Bud" buried Rose Hill Cemetery.
  129.     v Lucy Drucille MCKEE b. 19 Nov 1903, Newkirk,Kay,OK, m. 11 Apr
             1923, in Hiawatha,Brown,KS, Harold WALTERS.  Lucy died ,,AR.
  130.    vi Alice Blanche MCKEE b. 4 Nov 1906, ,Brown,KS, m. (1) 7 Oct 1922,
             in Des Moines,Polk,IA, Edward Simon LEFFERT, b. 22 Jan 1896, St.
             Joseph,Buchanan,MO, (son of William Mahlon LEFFERT and Emma Pamela
             SECORD) d. 28 Feb 1943, Whiting,Jackson,KS, bur:
             Powhattan,Brown,KS, m. (2) 17 May 1944, in Sapulpa,Creek,OK, Elza
             Chelton MILLER, b. 18 Jan 1897, d. 28 Nov 1963, Mountain
             View,Stone,AR.  Alice died 19 Jan 1975, Conway,Faulkner,AR, bur:
             21 Jan 1975, Rushing,Stone,AR.
  131.   vii Harold Preston MCKEE b. 30 Nov 1913, ,Brown,KS, d. 6 Aug 1914,

115. Achilles S. ABSHIRE m. (1) Jenny DEEDS, m. (2) Flora BARE.
             Children by Flora BARE:
  132.     i James Dewey ABSHIRE.

116. Charles Thomas ABSHIRE m. Lucy Anne HICKMAN.
  133.     i Cuba B. ABSHIRE.
  134.    ii James Fred ABSHIRE m. Mary HORALICK.
  135.   iii Robert A. ABSHIRE.
  136.    iv Junnie R. ABSHIRE.
  137.     v Claude ABSHIRE m. Ceacil Vera MASHAW.
  138.    vi Marvin W. ABSHIRE.
  139.   vii Bessie A. ABSHIRE m. Harold MATHEWSON.
  140.  viii Joseph Peter ABSHIRE m. Ethel Elaine SUMPTION.
  141.    ix Mary Alma ABSHIRE.
  142.     x Joyce ABSHIRE m. Viola Magdalene BITTNER.  "Jack".
  143.    xi Charles Eston ABSHIRE m. Mary A. BRABB.

119. Georgia A. ABSHIRE m. Kirby D. BOONE.
  144.     i Paul BOONE.
  145.    ii Eulalia BOONE.
  146.   iii David BOONE.


                          Some ABSHIRE Family Cousins!

  147.    iv Vivian BOONE.
  148.     v Mary E. BOONE.
  149.    vi Nellie BOONE.
  150.   vii James BOONE.




Author: Lester H. Binnie.
Call Number: GC 929.2 Ab88b

This book contains the history and genealogy of the Abshire family of Virginia.
Bibliographic Information: Binnie, Lester H. Abraham Abshire of Virginia and some of his Indiana Descendants. Privately Published. Indiana. 1982.



This publication is intended to provide historical information, as well as genealogical data, on the descendants of Abraham Abshire who settled in Indiana. For some families, the data is extended to the fourth or fifth generation, but many persons who are now living will not find their names listed here. If they know the names of their grandparents they should be able to establish their relationship to others.

In a few instances, the names of descendants living in other states have been included or clues have been provided for those doing research on the family outside of Indiana.

Many persons who supplied useful information have been recognized in the text. To them and others the author extends his thanks. Special thanks is due Barbara and Bill Abshear, 3803 Marcus Ave., New Port Beach, CA 92663, for their ABSHIRE ABSTRACTS published since March 1979.

It is regreted that data for some of Abraham's children could not be found by the author, and there are some admitted deficiencies in the data found for others.

No attempt has been made to establish the relationship of the Abshires (various spellings) who settled in Spencer and Warrick Counties, Indiana, but it seems likely that they were descendants of Luke Abshire, the brother of Abraham.

                              Lester H. Binnie

Peter Ipsher obtained a patent for 200 acres of land from the New Grant, situated on Johns Creek, a Tributary of Craigs Creek, in what was then Augusta County, Virginia, on 29 May 1760.

In 1769 the Johns Creek area became part of the newly organized Botetourt County, and in 1851 it became a part of present Craig County. According to a recent highway map, Johns Creek enters Craig Creek in the vicinity of Craig Springs about 25 miles northwest ot Roanoke.

It appears that Peter Ipsher died before the patent to his land was issued; as, Augusta County court records show that Eve Apinger or Apingher became Administratix of Peter Apinger's estate on 17 February 1760. She signed with an X. The inventory of Peter Abshire's effects was recorded in Augusta County on 18 August 1761. Following the names of the appraisors; Robert Montgomery, Robert Rowland and David Luney the following statement appears: "This inventory or appraisement of the estate of Peter Appinger, deceased, being returned into the court is ordered to be recorded." The inventory lists two horses and five colts, thirteen cattle, farm and household equipment and no slaves.

The 200 acres of land, described as lying on both sides of Johns Creek, was in the possession of Ludwick Ipshire, son of Peter, and was sold by him to Israel Christian for 50 pounds on 8 March 1763.

In April 1764, Col. Andrew Lewis was authorized to employ 450 men for the defense of the Virginia Frontier. Among this group was a company of Militia under the command of William Christian, son of Israel Christian, This copmany was recruited from those living on the Roanoke and the James Rivers, Craig Creek and Catawaba, Of the 130 men listed in this company, the name of Christ Apshere appears as number 129.

The family names Ipshire, Apinger and Apingher disappear from the records. They are replaced by Abshear, Abshere and Abshire. These are found attached to the names of Ludwick (Luke). Christian and Abraham, all believed to have been sons of Peter Ipsher.

It is believed that Peter Ipsher was killed by the Indians. The most important conflicts during the French and Indian War occurred during the period 1754-1763, and Indian raids were experienced on the west side of the Blue Ridge including Augusta County. The ANNALS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1726-1871, by James A. Waddell, 1912, refers to these raids and to Dr. Hale's narrative which, it is claimed, may or may not substantiate an Indian raid on the upper James River in about 1761. In the ATLAS OF ELKHART COUNTY, INDIANA, 1874, by Higgins and Beldin, Co., Chicago, p. 30, there appears a statement by Hiram Abshire, grandson of Abraham Abshire. Hiram stated that his "great-grandfather was murdered by the Indians in Virginia."

By 1770 the Johns Creek area had become a part of the newly organized Botetourt County. The LIST OF TAXABLE AND EXEMPTED MEN, BOTETORT COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1770-1777, does not contain any Abshire names. It is speculated that by that time they had moved south along the colonial Carolina Road, now essentially Federal Highway 220, to that part of Bedford County which became Franklin County in 1785-1786. However, Howard D. Abshire of Boones Mill, Virginia, in material supplied to the a author, indicates that the route followed by the Abshires from the present site of Roanoke was southeast to Buzzards Rock Ford, then south through Windy Gap and via what is now highway 116. Route 116 is now known as the Jubal Anderson Early Highway.


    "Abshear, Ludwick, age 21 or over, no slaves, three horses, 
              nine cattle, one tithe above the age of 16. 
     Abshear, Abraham, age 21 or over, no slaves, three horses, 
              five cattle, one tithe over age 16. 
     Abshear, Christian, age 21 or over, no slaves, three horses, 
              five cattle, one tithe over age 16." 

Since only one tithe was indicated in each case, one might presume that there were no male children over age 16 in these households. However, of the pages examined by the author only one instance was noted in which more than one tithe was reported in any family! Ludwick, Abraham and Christian Abshire appear in the 1786 TAX LIST FOR 1786, FRANKLIN COUNTY, VIRGINIA. The county was formed from Bedford, Henry and Patrick Counties in 1785-1786. Christian Abshire does not appear in the Franklin County records after that date, and he is said to have removed to Burke County, Nortl Carolina. According to research done by Mrs. W.O. (Ruby) Absher North Wilksboro, N.C., Christian and Jacob Absher were living in the area when Burke County was organized in 1777. Some of her material appeared in the JOURNAL PATRIOT. North Wilksboro, 12 March 1970.

Ludwick and Abraham Abshire continued to live in Franklin County and died there. Their graves have not been found. There are two old cemeteries; the first about a mile east of Boones Mill, the second about a mile north of the first. These were visited in 1981 by W.C. Jones of Roanoke, Virginia. He reported that there were very few stones having inscriptions and no proof that either Ludwick or Abraham were buried there. The oldest stone found with an inscription shows:

"Giles W.B. Abshire, born 22 Jan. 1826, died 26 June 1911 Delila J. Denton, wife, born 8 Mar. 1835, died 29 Mar. 190 Married 28 Dec. 1850."

Ludwick Abshire, hereafter referred to as Luke, was probably born in 1742 or earlier provided he was of age when he sold land in Augusta County in 1763. He is said to have married Christina McGrady, probable daughter of Laughlin McGradah who appears in the 1782, Bedford Co. Tax List, above, McGrady is said to have moved to Wilks County, North Carolina.

Luke Abshire died ca. 1822. The inventory of his estate was in court on 15 Jan. 1823, and included 11 slaves as well as othe personal property. The slaves alone were valued at $3.400.

Abraham Abshire died on 28 July 1842 as judged by his pension records. The value of his personal property was only $58.50. Abraham named only two of his 15 or 16 children in his will, and for that reason it was necessary to identify the children of Luke in order to aviod confusing them with the children of Abraham. Lukes children have been identified through the use of Franklin County court records including the following:

Peter Abshire and others vs. George Wright and others, 3 Feb. 1823.

Smith vs. Abshire and others, 1 Jan. 1837.

The will of William Abshire, Book 4, p. 389, in court on 4 Dec. 1837, in which he named some of his siblings.

A death report filed by James L. Abshire and recorded in the Register of Deaths, Franklin County, Virginia. James reported that his father, Abraham a son of Luke, died on 17 Dec. 1867, age 87 years of a sore leg. This report can not be certified because the present officials believe the law, in use only a few years, was not reliable as it depended on voluntary reporting. This data was obtained by Gertrude C. Mann of Rocky Mount, Virginia.

A biographical sketch of Abraham Abshire, 1800-1892, grandson of Luke, found in the WABASH COUNTY, INDIANA, HISTORY, 1884, by Helm, p. 420

From the above sources the children of Luke, order of birth is uncertain in some cases, were as follows:

  1.  Peter, married Nelly Doran, Marriage Bond, 19 Aug. 1787. 
  2.  John, married Elizabeth Binnion, M.B. 21 Sept. 1796, moved to Lee County, Va. 
  3.  Edward, married Dianna Short, M.B. 17 Nov. 1790. The inventory of his estate was
       in court on 3 June 1822. He was the father of Abraham, 1800-1892,
       who moved to Roann, Indiana. 
  4.  Polly, wife of George Wright Jr. 
  5.  Jacob, married Sarah (Boone) Noftsinger, inventory of his estate in court, 22 Nov. 1848. 
  6.  Nancy, married Phelemon Smith, M.B. 10 Feb. 1795. Administrative 
        papers in his estate, 14 Oct. 1824. 
  7.  Elizabeth, married John Wright, M.B. 8 Feb. 1800. 
  8.  Susanna (Suky) married John Ferguson, M.B. 1 Jan. 1810. 
  9.  Catherine (Kitty), married John Showalter, M.B. 4 Oct. 1813. 
 10. Abraham, b. ca. 1782, married Phebe Wright, M.B. 3 Feb. 1814. 
 11. Isaac, b. ca. 1770, married Joanna Wright, M.B. 3 April 1809. 
 12. William, a minor heir at his father's death, his will in court, 
       4 Dec. 1837. 

ABRAHAM ABSHIRE, ca. ( ) - 1842.
The year of Abraham's birth is uncertain. Three sources give three possible dates; 1741,
1748 and 1755.

Married (1) ( ) who died before 1801.

Married (2) Susanna Vinson, Franklin County, Va. M.B. 14 June 1801, Surity, Wm. Brown. She was living at his death on 28 July 1842.

The first reference found pertaining to Abraham appears in VIRGINIA TAX PAYERS. 1782, in which he is listed with Christian and Lodewick Abshire in Bedford County, Virginia. He appears with Luke in the TAX LIST FOR FRANKLIN COUNTY, VA. in 1786. AN OLD VIRGINIA COURT, by Marshall Wingfield, shows that Abraham was appointed Ensign in Capt. Renfro's Company of Militia, 1786; appointed Lieut. of Militia in 1787; appointed surveyor of a road in the place of Daniel Morgan, and that he filed the list of the members of his gang in June 1788, all in Franklin County.

On 1 Oct. 1832, Abraham Abshire appeared in the Franklin County Court in relation to his application for a pension as a soldier of the Revolution, No. S-6459. The following is quoted from his application:

"...he has no register of his age, but believes himself to 77 years old."

On the basis of this statement, it is calculated that he was born in 1755; however, THE CENSUS OF PENSIONERS, FRANKLIN COUNTY, dated 1 June 1840, shows Abraham Abshire, age 92, living in the home of George W. Abshire. By this record, he would have been born in about 1748. Continuing from his application:

"...early in the Revolutionary War, about 1778, he went in a company raised in Bedford County, Virginia, under the command of Capt. Moses Greer...guarding the lead mines against the Indians and the Tories...and later a tour under the orders of Col. James Calloway...still later sundry expiditions or short terms of service under Capt. Moses Greer, after the Tories who had taken shelter in the mountains ...also in the year 1780 or 1781, he marched from Bedford County, Virginia, to Petersburg in Virginia under said Greer...in a company thus called to Petersburg by his excellency, Thomas Jefferson, Governor of Virginia...at Petersburg he was attached to General Lawson's Brigade."

On 31 August 1832, Moses Greer Sr. age 88 years, certified that Abraham Abshire served 12 to 18 months under his command and that of Capt. William Leftwich at the lead mines and under Col. Charles Lynch at Petersburg.


Abraham's pension was at $30.00 per year, under certificate No. 4308, issued 7 Jan. 1833. Records from his file show that his widow, unnamed, received the final payment for the period 4 March 1841 to 28 July 1842. The last date is considered his death date.

Abraham made his will on 28 April 1832, in which he left a tract of land to his two sons, George W., and Thomas J. Abshire on condition that they care for his wife, Susanna. He naned his granddaughter, Betsy Kingery, "that I have raised from infancy...lastly I leave the balance of my heirs, 13 in number, one dollar apiece..." The sons, named above, were named as executors. The witnesses were Gabriel Swanson, Isaac Boon and Peter Kesler. The last two had died before the will was produced in court on 2 Jan. 1843. Thomas J. Abshire refused to take upon himself the responsibility and his brother, George, was given time to qualify. An inventory of Abraham's personal property, 18 Feb. 1843, listed the following:

1 Loom $5.00
1 Table 2.00
1 Cupboard 1.00
1 Kittle 2.50
1 Cow 8.00
2 Yearlings 3.00
11 Sheep 11.00
1 Bay mare 15.00
1 Bond 11.00
Total $58.50

FRANKLIN COUNTY WILL BOOK, 5. p. 451 and 472 
The Abshire families lived on the upper reaches of Maggodee Creek, north of Cahas Mountain and south of the present Roanoke County line. On a present day road map this is in the vicinity of Boones Mill. Settlement in Franklin County is said to have begun in the early 1700's by Scotch-Irish and German emigrants who came through the Shenandoah Valley by way of the pioneer Carolina Road; also many had pushed westward from the English settlements in the tidewater of Virginia by way of the James River Valley. The Carloina Road followed, at least in part, what is now Federal Highway #220. At a point about a half mile south of the Roanoke County line, on Highway #220, a local road, #613, extends northwest along Maggodee Creek to a community called Naff. An early settlement map of Franklin County, prepared for the County Historical Society by Gertrude C. Mann, shows the family names of Wray, Vinson, Naff, Boon, Arthur, Noftsinger, Wright and Mills, all in some way associated with the Abshire name which also appears there.


Abraham had children by at least two wives; and only two, George W. and Thomas J. were named in his will. If one concludes that the granddaughter, Betsy Kingery, was the child of a deceased daughter, then three children are accounted for. These three added to "the balance of my lawful heirs, 13 in number" gives a total of 16 children. On the other hand Abraham, having raised Betsy from infancy, may have singled her out for special treatment, and her mother may have been counted among the 13. In this case, the total number of children would be 15.

Fourteen persons have been identified as his children with some assurance through the use of.; marriage records, known family relationships, other court records and the elimination of known children and grandchildren of Luke Abshire who bore the same given name. Some of the fourteen listed below are presented with less assurance than others, and the circumstances related to these are explained. The year of birth and death for some of those listed has not been discovered.

     1.  James ABSHIRE, Born 1 Aug. 1777. 
     2.  Jinny (Abshire) HUSTON, KINGERY, birth date unknown. 
     3.  Elizabeth (Abshire) MILLS, born ca. 1782. 
     4.  Catherine (Abshire) KINGERY, McEVETT, born between 1775 and 1784. 
     5.  Nancy (Abshire) FRAME, born 19 Dec. 1786. 
     6.  Polly (Abshire) JAMES, born ca. 1788, Her identity is based on the elimination of Poly,
          daughter of Luke, who married George Wright, and the elimination of Polly who 
           married Simon Justice, M.B. 2 Jan. 1809, on which Peter Abshire provided surity and
          is judged to have been her father. 
     7.  Susannah (Abshire) WRIGHT, born 11 Feb. 1789. 
     8.  Isaac ABSHIRE, born ca. 1792. 
     9.  Margaret J. (Abshire) McELHANEY, born 6 Aug. 1800. A question is raised about
          her parentage as is explained in the discussion of her family to follow. 
    10. Jubal ABSHIRE, born 26 Jan. 1804. 
    11. Miriem (Abshire) McELHANEY, born 14 Feb. 1807. 
    12. Jemima (Abshire) WRIGHT, born ca. 1810. She is recorded as a daughter of 
           Susannah Abshire on her marriage bond. 
    13. George W. ABSHIRE, born between 1810 and 1815. 
    14. Thomas J. ABSHIRE, born 16 Dec. 1814. 

The early census data, before 1850, seems to reflect the presence of three additional persons in the household of Abraham Abshire, any one of whom may have been his child.

A female, born between 1776 and 1796, appears in the 1810 census only.

A male, born between 1794 and 1804, appears in the 1810 census only. It is noted that Nelson Abshire, whose parents are unknown, was born ca. 1794 and may have been this unknown male. However, the inventory of his estate, 14 May 1859, shows that he was a slave holder, and the children of Abraham seem not to have been owners of slaves.

A female, born between 1800 and 1810, appears in the 1810 census only. She could, possibly, have been Sally, a daughter of this Abraham; however, is seems more likely that her father was the son of Luke. Her marriage bond shows Abraham Abshire as surity. Abraham, the son of Luke would have been about 42 years of age at the time of her marriage in 1832 to William Turner.

The children 10 to 14 inclusive were no doubt children of Abraham and his second wife, Susannah Vinson. In this connection, it is of interest that Charles Vinson owned land adjacent to Abraham Abshire on Maggodee Creek on 21 Feb. 1782.


In the following pages most of the descendants of Abraham have been assigned one or more numbers which identify their generation and their position in relation to their siblings. For example:

     1.          James ABSHIRE, from page 7, the first known child of Abraham. 
     1-2.      Nancy (Abshire) JONES, the second known child of James. 
     1-2-1. William JONES, the first child of Nancy. 
     1-2-2. David JONES, the second child of Nancy. 


1. James ABSHIRE, b. 1 Aug. 1777. d. 18 July 1868 in Randolph County, Indiana. He married Elizabeth Overholtz in Franklin County, Virginia, M.B. 6 March 1806, bond William Brown. She was born in Maryland. A photograph of James in the possession of James Abshire, Calumet Park, IL. has the following on the back side:

"James Abshire, born in Franklin Co. Virginia. Aug. 1,1777. Son of Abraham Abshire. Left his boyhood home 1813 arriving to western Ohio, Preble Co. Eight years after, he removed to Randolph County, Indiana where he spent the remainder of his days. His death occurred July 18, 1868. He married Elizabeth Overholtz . The children were Nancy, Mary, Chloe, Isaac, Abner, Betsey, and James B. James B. is the only one left and is now 86 years.

Written by A.R. Abshire, a grandson, Sunday Dec. 1909 Winchester, Indiana."

An extended biography of James appears in the HISTORY OF RANDOLPH COUNTY, INDIANA, ( ) p. 378, in which it states that he served in the War of 1812, was a famous hunter and served as Township Trustee of Washington Twp. James and Elizabeth were parents of eight children.

1-1. Aaron ABSHIRE, born 3 March 1805, died young.

1-2. Nancy (Abshire) JONES, born 27 March 1807 in Virginia, married Michael Jones on 28 June 1827 in Randolph County, Wm. Edwards, J.P. This family was found in Chester Township, Wells County, Indiana, in the 1850 Federal Census and in Liberty Township in 1860. Nancy died in 1878. From census data it is concluded that there were seven children in this family.

1-2-1. William JONES, born ca. 1830, married Eliza J. Burgess. There were five children in
this household in 1860; Elizabeth, age 9; Mary C, age 7; John, age 5; Isaac, age 3; and
Amanda, age 5/12

1-2-2. David JONES, born ca. 1832, married Orlinda Somerville, on 11 Sept. 1855 in
Randolph County.

1-2-3. Isaac JONES, born ca. 1834, married Sarah Huffman, 20 April 1854 in
Wells County, Indiana.

1-2-4. James JONES, born ca. 1838, married Susan M. Murray on 31 Dec. 1871 in
Wells County.

1-2-5. Julia Ann (Jones) ABSHIRE, born ca 1841, married C.Bird Abshire on 25 April 1858 in Wells County. The following is extracted data from a biographical sketch of Lewis C. Abshire, found in BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS OF WELLS COUNTY, INDIANA, B.F.Bowen, 1903, Logansport, Indiana, p. 258.

"The wife of C.B. Abshire, mother of Lewis C. Abshire, was Julia A. Jones, a native of Wells County....daughter of Michael and Nancy (Abshire) Jones who were among the first settlers of Wells. ...C.B. Abshire was among the first settlers of Henry County. Ind.

Lewis C. Abshire was born in Nottingham Township, Wells County, Indiana, 4 July 1861....on 22 Feb. 1885, he married Emma Dawson, born 7 April 1863, daughter of George and Louisa (Lockwood) Dawson of Union City...They are parents of one son, Dawson, born 16 Sept. 1890."

Cebird Abshire. sometimes C. Bird or C.B. Abshire, was born in Dec. 1821, according to the 1900 Federal Census, Wells County, Indiana, which indicates that he was born in Virginia. His relationship to the Franklin County Abshires has not been established.

1-2-6. John JONES, born ca. 1843, married Susanna Tomlinson, 14 June 1866 in Wells County.

1-2-7. Susanna JONES, born ca. 1845.

1-3. Mary (Abshire) BEALS. sometimes BALES, born 27 Sept. 1809, married Pleasant (Bales in several records) who was born in Clinton County. Ohio, 21 Sept. 1810. This family was in Washington Township. Randolph County, Indiana in 1860; removed to Merom, Sullivan County for a brief period, returned to Randolph County where Mary died, on 31 Dec. 1864. Pleasant Bales returned to Merom and died there on 8 Feb. 1865. The HISTORY OF RANDOLPH COUNTY, cited above, gives a good account of the fifth child of this family, Isaac, p. 384. From census and other data it is concluded that the family of Pleasant and Mary Beals included the following and others, unidentified.

1-3-1. Curtis BEALS, born ca. 1835, married Mary Thornburg, had son, Henry.

1-3-2. Isaac BEALS, born 5 March 1837, said to have been the fifth child, married Martha J. Pratt on 16 Aug. 1856. They were parents of three children; Willian H. married Mary A. Fisher; Mary C. born in 1861, died young; Magnolia M. born in 1868.

1-3-3. Abner BEALS, born ca. 1839.

1-3-4. Pleasant BEALS, born ca. 1843.

1-3-5. John BEALS, born ca. 1847.

1-4. Chloe Leah (Abshire) MILLS, born 26 April 1811 in Ohio, married Thomas A. Mills on 27 Nov. 1832 in Randolph County, Ind., where this family was found in Washington Township with two children. Thomas was born 24 Jan. 1813, Ohio. Chloe died 3 Dec. 1885, and she and her husband were buried in Howard County, Indiana. They were members of the Society of Friends.

1-4-1. James MILLS, 1835-1912, m. Jemima Griffin, 29 Mar. 1862.

1-4-2. Cynthia Ann (Mills) COY, born 19 Oct. 1844 at Lynn, Indiana, died 12 October 1888 at Carmel, Indiana. She married Wm. H. Coy on 1 May 1862. They were parents of at least one child.

1-4-2-1. Ida Bell (Coy) HUTTON, born 26 March 1868, married Wm. H. Hutton on 25 March 1888. They were g-grandparents of Russell D. Hutton, Indianapolis. Indiana.

1-4-3. Matilda MILLS, born ( ) m. Samuel Rash, 31 Jan. 1856.

1-5. Isaac ABSHIRE, born 26 April 1814 in Preble County, Ohio, married Sarah Ballard on 5 June 1842. She was born ca. 1823 in Ohio and apparently died before her husband, as Isaac Abshire married Sarah Shinn on 16 Dec. 1876 in Randolph County. Isaac died on 12 June 1900 and was buried in the Liberty Cemetery, Randolph County. He was the father of at least two children.

1-5-1.Albert R. ABSHIRE, born ca. 1850, a school teacher and Trustee of Washington Township, Randolph County.

1-5-2. Maria ABSHIRE, born ca. 1852.

James Abshire, age 84, was a member of the household of Isaac at the time of the 1860 Federal Census.

1-6. Abner ABSHIRE, born 28 July 1816 in Preble County, Ohio, married Emily Robbins on 1 Oct. 1847 in Randolph County. He He died in 1859. In 1860 Emily was in Washington Township age 32, born in New Jersey, with three children: Lusetta, born ca. 1848; George S., born ca 1850 and Elizabeth A. born ca.1854. All were born in Indiana. It is of interest to note that a George Abshire and Wife, Lydia J. were recorded on the records of the Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting (Friends) in Randolph County, 1891-1920. James B. Abshire was a member of the household of Abner in the 1850 Federal Census.

1-7. Elizabeth (Abshire) DEWAGE, born 4 Feb. 1820, married Thomas Dewage on 3 April 1842 in Randolph County. She was living in 1882. No other data.

1-8. James Berry ABSHIRE, born 26 Sept. 1823, married Elizabeth Hawkins in 1852, buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Randolph County.

2. Jinney (Abshire) HUSTON, KINGERY, date of birth unknown, married (1) Samuel Huston, M.B. 16 April 1802, bond by Abraham Abshire, in Franklin County, Virginia. As Jinney Hudson, she married (2) Christian Kingery, M.B. 9 Nov. 1805 on which she was recorded as a daughter of Abraham Abshire, bond by Philemon Smith, Minister, W. Turner. The author found several Kingery families in the early records of southwest Ohio, but was unable to establish a connection with this family. The data presented below may be useful to others doing research on this family.

An Abraham Kingery died on 27 Oct. 1865, age 58-6-24, according to his stone in the Kingery Cemetery, Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio. It is noted that he was born about a year and four months after Jinney married Christian Kingery, and it is possible that he may have been her son. It is also noted that several Huston and Kingery stones can be found in the Portage Prairie Cemetery, St. Joseph Co. Ind., and is the cemetery in which several members of the family of Nancy (Abshire) Frame were buried. The Frame family had lived in Jefferson Township, Preble County, Ohio, prior to their settlement in St. Joseph County.



Unless otherwise stated, the quotations in this section are from an unpublished typescript prepared by Mrs. William (Carrie) Shumaker in about 1940. Carrie was a granddaughter of 3-4, Abraham Mills and spent much of her early life in close association with him in New Paris, Indiana.

3. Elizabeth (Abshire) MILLS was born ca. 1782. Her tombstone, found by the author in 1969 in the long abandoned Halderman Cemetery in North Manchester, Indiana, showed; "Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Mills, died 8 Sept. 1854, age 72 years." However, she was age 73 years in the 1850 Federal Census, unable to read or write. Elizabeth married William Mills, M.B. 29 Feb. 1796, as a daughter of Abraham Abshire, bond by Abraham Abshire, in Franklin County, Virginia. Her date of birth and marriage are brought into question by tombstone data for her eldest daughter, Polly, indicating that whe was born on 18 June 1795.

William Mills birth date and parents are unknown; but if he was born in that part of Bedford County, Virginia, that became Franklin County, he may have been the son of James Mills, the only Mills found in the Bedford County Tax List for 1782.

William Mills made his will on 13 September 1841. It was in court on 2 November 1841, and in it were the names of his wife, Elizabeth, and seven children.

He did not name all of his children as evidenced by the knowledge of his son , Abraham, that there were 16 children in the family; and that Abraham had not seen some of his siblings, having left home before they were born. The children of William and Elizabeth Mills were as follows:

  1.  Polly, born 18 June 1795, identified by Abraham Mills 
  2.  James, born 13 August 1797,  "       "   " 
  3.  Nancy, born 28 January 1798, according to her tombstone, but born 28 June 1798
       by other sources. She was identified as a sibling by Abraham Mills. 
  4.  Abraham, born 16 Feb. 1803 
  5.  A male, born between 1800 and 1810, as judged by census data, probably left home
       before his father's death. 
  6.  Lewis, born 8 June 1806, identified by Abraham Mills 
  7.  Wilson F. born         , identified by Abraham Mills
  8.  Burrell W.             , Named in William Mills' will. 
  9.  Hiram                   , Named in William Mills' will.
 10. George                 , Named in William Mills' will.
 11. Liona                     , Named in William Mills' will.
 12. Betsy                     , Named in William Mills' will.
 13. Katharine              , Named in William Mills' will.
 14. Patsy                     , Named in William Mills' will.
 15. A deceased son         , Unnamed
 16. Unidentified 

3-1. Polly (Mills) WEST, believed born 18 June 1795, married Nathaniel West M.B. 8 March 1819, bond by William Mills, in Franklin County, Va. Their tombstone in the Fairview Cemetery near North Manchester, Indiana, reads:

Nathaniel West died 14 March 1875, age 83-2-8 Father

Mary West died 22 October 1876, age 81-4-4 Mother

By the data thus provided for Nathaniel, he would have been born on 6 January 1792; however, a family Bible of his son, Wilson, now in the possession of Josephine (West) Price, Laketon, Indiana, states that Nathaniel was born 5 January 1790.

The parents of Nathaniel are unknown, but it is of interest to note that a stone in Jefferson Township, Preble County, Ohio, shows:

Nathaniel West died 6 September 1833, age 77-8-3

Nancy West, his wife, died 28 February 1848, age 84-10-0

Nathaniel and Polly West moved from Kentucky to Preble County, Ohio, in about 1830 and to Indiana in about 1849.

According to the obituary of their son, William, there were 14 Children in the family:

     1. Josiah 
     2. Alvin 
     3. Harriett 
     4. James H. 
     5. Perry 
     6. Dewitt C. 
     7. William B. 
     8. Wilson L. 
     9. Mary E. 
    10. Nancy J. 
    11. John 
    12. Louisa 
    13. Margaret Ann 
    14. Amos L. 

3-1-1. Josiah WEST. born 23 June 1821 in Kentucky, while uncertain, appears to have married Elizabeth Marshall on 24 June 1842, according to Preble County, Ohio marriage records. She may have died in Ohio, as Josiah appeared in the household of his father in the 1850 Federal Census without her and without children. Wabash County, Indiana, records show that Josiah married Foraby (spelling is uncertain) Frame on 9 March 1853. She was apparently the widow of Mahlom Frame who died in about 1850 in North Manchester. Indiana. See TALES OF THE OLD DAYS, by W.E. Billings, 1926, p. 7. In 1969 a broken stone was found by the author in the abandoned Halderman Cemetery, North Manchester; the first name broken off, which showed "( ), wife of Josiah West, died 12 November 1855, age 31-6-6". It is presumed that this stone was for Foraby.

Josiah married Mary E. How on 11 October 1859 according to Wabash County records.

In a letter written by Henry Heeter, HEETER FAMILY LETTERS, 1842-1888, Edited by Lester H. Binnie, 1978, p. 113, Henry says, "Jessia west and John creps Does the carpenter work."

It appears that Josiah was the father of three children:

3-1-1-1. Feraly A. West , named in Nathaniel West's will, presumed to have been a child of Josiah and Foraby.

3-1-1-2. Hendly, a female, age 4 years, appears in the 1860 Federal Census.

3-1-1-3. Charles, son of J. & M.E. West, died 17 July 1866, found on a stone in the Holderman Cemetery. This cemetery contained a stone which read as follows:

Josiah West, died 31 December 1865, age 44-6-3 Mary E., wife of Josiah West, died 6 July 1868, age 31-1-17

Among the bills in connection with the estate of Josiah were two from Silling, N. Manchester:

1 January 1866, to coffin for Josiah West $30.00
18 July 1866, to coffin and box for child 16.00

In the 1860 Federal Census there were two children, unidentified, who were listed in the household of Mahlon Frame in the 1850 census. They were:

James F. (Frame) born ca. 1846, an apprentice Horrace G. (Frame) born ca. 1850.

An early ownership map indicates that Josiah owned 80 acres south of North Manchester and about a mile west of the Krisher Cemetery, adjacent to the land of his father.

3-1-2. Alvin WEST, born on 2 November 1822 in Kentucky (his name sometimes appears os Allen) married Susan Moore on 14 December 1843, according to Preble County, Ohio, marriage records. He and his family were found in the 1850 & 1860 Federal Census records in Chester Township, Wabash County, and listed the following children:

3-1-2-1. Mary C., married J.H.Enbody on 6 October 1872 in Wabash County, Rev. W.S. Jordan, Minister. Her stone in the Fairview Cemetey near North Manchester shows:

     ENBODY, Mary C. wife of J. 1845-1881 
     FREDERICK, Charles S. 1868-( ), Olive M. his wife, 1870-( ) 
3-1-2-2. William, son of A. & S. West, died 25 July 1849, 1-0-3.

3-1-2-3. Henry C. born ca. 1849, married Margaret A. Shorp on 31 July 1871 in Wabash County, Indiana. (Sharp, perhaps)

3-1-2-4. E. a female, born ca. 1854

3-1-2-5. C. a male, born ca. 1859, Charles in the 1880 census, b. 1857.

3-1-3. Harriett (West) MILLS, named in her father's will, was born ca. 1823 in Kentucky, married Wm C. Mills on 23 February 1843. In the 1850 Federal Census, Jefferson Township, Preble County, Ohio, William was age 29, born in Ohio. There were no children in this household.

3-1-4, James H. WEST, born ca. 1824 in Kentucky, married Rebecca E. Beally on 30 December 1847 in Preble County, Ohio. In the 1850 Federal Census, Preble County, Ohio, he was age 26, a Carpenter, with no children in the household.

3-1-5. Perry WEST, born on 13 March 1826 in Kentucky, married Mary M. Huffman on 13 April 1856 in Wabash County, Indiana, T. Witman, Min. A stone in the Fairvies Cemetery, near North Manchester, shows:

     WEST, Perry died 22 October 1911, Mary, his wife, born 1 Jan. 1838, died 11 Nov. 1900. 

3-1-6. Dewitt C. WEST, born 21 June 1827 in Kentucky, a wheelwright and wagon maker, is said to have married Sarah, daughter of Richard Helvey and that she was the first child born in Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana. Their tombstone can be found in the Oaklawn Cemetery in North Manchester.

     WEST, Dewitt C. died 3 July 1885, age 58-0-13, Sarah died 23 April 1896, age 62-0-8

From census data, it appears that their children included:

3-1-6-1. Mary A. born ca. 1855

3-1-6-2. Henry born ca. 1856

3-1-6-3. C. a female born ca. 1857

3-1-6-4. L. a female born ca. 1860

3-1-6-5. S. a female born ca. 1868.

Champion Helvey, a wheelwright, was in this household in the 1860 Federal Census. Preble County, Ohio, marriages show a Dewitt West married Elizabeth A. McWhinney on 11 Dec. 1854 in that county.

3-1-7. William B. WEST. born on 16 December 1828 in Greenup County, Kentucky, according to his obituary which states that he moved to Ohio in 1830 and to Indiana in 1848. William was one of the first school teachers in Chester Township and taught there for 14 years. Four of his siblings were living at his death: Perry, Amos L., Mrs. Neri Mowrer, and Mrs. Margaret Rogers of Clayton, Ohio. William, a Republican, lived in Pleasant Township, Wabash County in 1880. The obituary of his wife, Tressa, states that she was born in Franklin County, Virginia, 2 September 1841, died 31 July 1896, age 55 years. She married William B. West on 10 October 1870 and had been a member of the Methodist Church since 1885.

Mrs. Shumaker, speaking of her grandmother, Elizabeth (Wray-Wray) Mills, the second wife of Abraham Mills, identifies Tressa Wray and explains an interesting family relationship.

" She (Elizabeth Wray-Wray Mills) first married a second cousin., John Wray. There were two daughters, Mary and Tressa. Mary was the mother of Alice. Scott and Meridith Mills, (See the John W. Mills family) and Tressa was the mother of Wesley West. Grandmother's husband, John Wray, died of Typus fever when the children were small, in Virginia. Grandmother made her living by weaving. They came north with her parents, Andrew and Mary Wray. They stopped for a time in Union County, Indiana...later they came to Elkhart County and Grandfather's brother, Jimmy Mills, got her a place as housekeeper for a Mr. Cart, west of New Paris. She stayed there until she and Grandfather were married..."

William B. West and his wife, Tressa, were parents of only one child.

3-1-7-1 Wesley WEST, 1872-1963. His wife, Mary, died 11 January 1973 in North Manchester,and one son, Everett, survived.

3-1-8. Wilson L. WEST, born on 15 July 1830 in Kentucky, married Malinda Mowrer on 2 September in Wabash County, Indiana, C.J. Singer, J.P. In the 1870 Federal Census, he was listed as a sawmiller. According to his family Bible, his eight children were:

3-1-8-1 William P. WEST, born 25 June 1856, married Anna L. Dixon in Wabash County, 18 November 1880, Wm. L. Russell, J.P.

3-1-8-2. James H. WEST, born on 25 April 1858. His stone in the Fairview Cemetery, near North Manchester, Indiana, reads;

James Harvey WEST, 1858-1924, Ella Harmer, 1858-1932

3-1-8-3. Charles N. WEST, born on 18 March 1860, became a railway engineer and lost his life in a railway accident on 16 July 1888. In the settlement of his estate, he is identified as Nathaniel West.

3-1-8-4. Darkeus Lodell, identified as Lodell KNICK in the settlement of her brother, Nathaniel's estate, was born on 11 April 1862.

3-1-8-5. Ulysses G. WEST, born on 11 February 1864, lost his life in a railway accident with his brother, Nathaniel, died 17 July 1888. Both were buried in the Laketon Cemetery, Wabash County, Indiana.

3-1-8-6. Cary Elizabeth, bern on 1 March 1866, married Oliver W. PRATT. She is identified in the settlement of her brother, Nathaniel's, estate as Carrie Pratt.

3-1-6-7. Samuel C. WEST, born on 9 April 1868, died in 1940 according to his tombstone in the Laketon Cemetery.

3-1-8-8. Joseph W. WEST, born 8 September 1871, married Lillie B. Ramey. He died in 1956, his wife, Lillie, on 10 November 1909. Joseph operated a meat market and store in Laketon, Indiana, for many years. Students at the Laketon school, during the 1920s & 1930s, often ate their lunch there. According to Josephine (West) Price, Wilson L. West was buried in the Laketon Cemetery, but his stone was not found. There were three children of Joseph and Lillie West: Grace, living in 1980; Darl. unmarried and deceased and Josephine, wife of Donald Price.

3-1-9. Mary E., daughter of N. & M. West, died on 7 February 1850, age, 17-5-25; thus, born on 10 August 1832. This stone was found in the Holderman Cemetery, North Manchester, Indiana.

3-1-10.Nancy J. (West) MOWRER, married Neri M. Mowrer on 6 April 1851 in Wabash County, T. Tomplin, M.G. Mr. Mowrer was a carpenter and a farmer, member of the 46th Ind. Inf., a Mason and a member of the Christian Church. A stone in the Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, shows:

     MOWRER, Neri M. 1825-1891, age 66-6-16, Vet. 61-65. Nancy J., 
             his wife, 1834-1920, age 86-0-10 
According to the WABASH COUNTY, INDIANA, HISTORY, 1884, by Helm, Neri was born on 18 April 1828 and was the father of ten children of whom eight were named and six were living:

3-1-10-1. Alonzo E. born 5 January 1852, died 5 October 1885, a teacher.

3-1-10-2. William L., married Nancy Pavey.

3-1-10-3. Olive M., married Marcus D. Wright on 15 Dec. 1888 in Wabash County, by Rev. Wiley S. Jordan.

3-1-10-4. Geneva, married Ledrew M. Wright on 15 September 1881 in Wabash County, by John H. Wright.

3-1-10-5. Frank, born about 1869, no other record.

3-1-10-6. Cora L., 1870-1945, married Charles O. Signs, parents of Frank Signs, living near North Manchester in 1982.

3-1-10-7. Mary, married William Z. Taylor on 26 October 1871, deceased by 1884.

3-1-10-8. Alice M., said to have married Marcus Wright, deceased by 1884.

3-1-11. John WEST, age 14 in the 1850 Federal Census, was not named in his father's will, possibly married Amanda H. Armstrong on 21 February 1864, J.W. Williams J.P. A John West , age 50, was in the household of Isaac Shock in Chester Township, Wabash County. He was born in Kentucky, and both of his parents were born in Virginia; however, it seems doubtful that this was the same person, data from the 1880 census.

3-1-12. Louisa (West) HEETER, married Silas Heeter on 25 July 1855 in Wabash County. A stone in the Union Cemetery, Chester Township, shows:

HEETER, Silas, 1833-1914 & HEETER, Louisa, 1837-1905 This family lived a mile east and a mile north of North Manchester, on the east side of Eel River. The ancestory of Silas and how he lost his house in a fire in 1865 can be found in THE HEETER FAMILY LETTERS, 1842-1884, Edited by Lester H. Binnie, 1978. Their children included the following:

3-1-12-1. Mary E., 1857-1923, married Benjamin Goodwin, 1859-1926. Their tombstones are in the Union Cemetery in Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana.

3-1-12-2. Abner M. HEETER, 1859-1950, married Mary ( ), 1859-1915. They lived on the home farm until after the death of Mary; then their son, Earl, lived there.

3-1-12-3. Willard F. HEETER, married Alma ( ) 1863-1953.

3-1-12-4. Harriett, born ca. 1863.

3-1-12-5. Esta, born ca. 1865.

3-1-12-6. Almeda, born ca. 1867.

3-1-12-7. Kate, born ca. 1870.

3-1-12-8. Victor, born about 1871, a construction boss.

3-1-12-9. John J., 1876-1951, married Rhuea ( ) 1883-1966, parents of six children: Ralph, Hilda, Edith, Velma, Coleen and Harold.

3-1-12-10. Mabel, married ( ) Martin, lived in Wabash and owned and operated a print shop for 47 years.

3-1-13. Margaret Ann (West) KUHNLE, born in Ohio, named as Margaret Kuhnle in her father's will, married William F. Kuhnle on 27 September 1860 in Wabash County. Their stone in the Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, Indiana, shows:

     KUHNLE, William F., born 7 December 1836, died 3 August 1889. 
     Margaret, born 10 November 1841, died 2 April 1926. 
They were parents of four children: Mrs. Charles Boblet; Lillie Heeter, Dayton Heeter, 1869-1908 and Dearie McFarland.

Margaret (Heeter) Kuhnle married (2) William Rogers in 1899, lived in Salem, Ohio.

3-1-14. Amos L. WEST, known as "Tuck", born on 27 March 1842 in Ohio, the youngest of 14 children according to his obituary, married Mary McGuire on 13 May 1864 in Wabash County, by J.W. Williams J.P. Amos came to Indiana with his parents in 1848, served in the 47th Ind. Vol. Infantry. He died on 18 December 1912. His wife, Mary M., born in 1848, died in 1918, stone in the Fairview Cemetery, Chester Township. As judged by census data, there were six children:

3-1-14-1. Nellie, born ca. 1867, married Edward Preston.

3-1-14-2. J.,a female

3-1-14-3. Edwin, born on 2 January 1878, died 23 October 1950, had a wife, Mamie in 1919.

3-1-14-4. Addie, married David C. Calhoun, possibly his second wife.

3-1-14-5. Hays, 1876-1947, had wife, Phoebe in 1919: however his stone in Fairview Cemetery shows, Carrie, 1882-1963.

3-1-14-6. James WEST, possibly the James W. West, Sp. Am. War Vet. buried in the Fairview Cemetery, no data. He is said to have had a wife, Eva M., possibly the Eva M West, 1878-1931, buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Township, Wabash County, Indiana.

The names of the above were obtained, in part, from the will of Mary M., wife of Amos L. West, presented in court during the June term, 1919, Wabash County, Indiana.

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