Lonely Soldier

He was standing in the sand with his gun 
slung across his shoulder
Thinking back on life at home,
those days before he was a soldier
Just one among so many yet somehow he felt alone
As his thoughts crossed the water to those
loved ones back at home
When life seemed so safe and tranquil with 
his sons and his wife
Before that September morning that 
changed our world and life
He stepped forth for peace and freedom as
he answered his countryís call
Knowing with this selfless gesture
 he might be asked to give his all
He believed in God and country and 
would follow the command
And march boldly into battle across this 
forsaken desert sand
He had heard the marchersí protests and 
the celebrities with their cause
It caused him pain and anguish and 
gave this soldier time to pause
Werenít they too against this evil, 
why not march for it to cease
It wasnít about war and fighting but 
our freedom and world peace
He would bravely go into conflict and
 put his life upon the line
Not just for his wifeís and childrenís but 
for your life and for mine
He looks towards the future and 
prays for a world free from strife
To this goal he is willing to fight for 
freedom and give his life
We salute this lonely soldier and
 all the others in the fold
And we pray for their protection as again 
we hear "Letís roll".

Sue Ikerd